Back to school outfits

I am so excited for back to school. I want to organized my outfits again. So I decide to give to you some ideas for back to school. I visited some of my favourite site and I find some amazing clothes. 1. Top Jeans Jacket Shoes Watch Earrings 2. Tops Track Joggers Shoes Bag Hat 3. Jacket Top Skirt Shoes Bag 4. Top Jacket Jeans Shoes Bag Hat 5. Top Jeans Trench Coat Shoes Bag


Outfit Ideas

I was watching all of this nice pieces with beautiful patens at different sites, so I decide to mix them and create more 'extreme' outfits.I find so many nice pieces, I did know what to pick. I hope you like it. 1. Top  Skirt  Bag  Shoes 2. Top  Pants  Shoes  Bag  Chocker 3. Top  Skirt  Shoes  Bag 4. Top  Trousers  Shoes  Bag 5. Top  Pants  Bag  Shoes  Earrings 6. Skirt  Top  Bag Shoes 7. Top  Jeans Shoes  Bag… Continue reading Outfit Ideas