My first experience in Dior

You know guys that I have a thing about Dior so, I decide to visited the New Bond Street boutique at London. I was watching all of this photos and videos of my favourite bags and I really want to see them in person. So I step outside of the boutique and a man opened… Continue reading My first experience in Dior


What I wore in England and in Germany

This trip was one of the best of my life. I was planing my outfits for weeks. I wanted something comfortable and fashionable. But did not go everything us I planned. London   Top: Trousers: Blazer (similar) : Bag: Shoes: Top (similar): Blazer (similar) : Trousers (similar): Bag: Shoes: Top (similar): Blazer (similar) : Jeans:… Continue reading What I wore in England and in Germany